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When I purchased my house, unbeknownst to me the ceilings, except kitchen and baths, were painted with Calcimine sp?  Later I painted the kitchen and baths with mildew proof paint and of course no problem.  Some years later I painted one of the bedroom ceilings and later the paint began to peel in spots. I can scrape around the edges of the peel and it looks sort of OK for a while but then those edges begin to peel again.

Now I know that there are special primers available which might have helped me.  My problem now is that I can’t get the latex ceiling paint off to start over. I have tried wetting it first and scraping keeping it wet overnight but I can’t get it to peel. This ceiling has blown in insulation and is a heated space above.

Boy am I glad I didn’t paint all my ceilings…  What can I do ??

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MagicDave answered.

Realize that a “perfect” job is IMPOSSIBLE… then scrape off as much as possible to firm edges, then prime the whole ceiling with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer, then top coat with a Sherwin Williams product (color of choice, flat finish)…
See my site for help:
Good Luck!

MagicDave answered.

You do not need to remove the old paint, just scrape the local peeling areas down to a firm edge, then Spackle the edges then light sand them then Prime the WHOLE ceiling with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer, then finish coat with 1 heavy coat of Sherwin Williams, use their best grade product and use a FLAT finish… See my site for help:
Good Luck!

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