Can lake seawalls be painted to prevent moss buildup?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Painting QuestionsCan lake seawalls be painted to prevent moss buildup?
Tom Maddox asked 2 years ago

My wall is about 5 years old, but this year the moss grew into the surface of the concrete block in some places. I know I can kill the moss and prepare the block for painting with pressure washing. What type of primer and sealant should be used to prevent the moss growth?

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MagicDave answered.

If you can keep the sea water from reaching the repaired surface for about 2 weeks which is necessary for proper curing of the materials… then I would recommend, after you clean off all the moss, and fill in any cracks with a good grade cement filler and sealer compound (try Home Depot) then I would prime all of the block with masonry primer, one heavy coat… and then finish coat with an Epoxy Paint (use the two part type) and then wait the full two weeks for curing…
Good Luck…