Ceiling Paint Slothing Off

Sarah asked 9 years ago

I have a new house that was built in 1920. When I went to put new ceiling paint up as soon as I applied it, it started slothing off. My whole house is like this. I scraped all of the old ceiling paint off in one room but my house is so big that will take me so long to do. Is there anything else that anyone knows that I could use or do to make my life easier rather than wetting the ceiling and scraping the old paint off?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Very Few Options

You don't have many options. There isn't a primer that I know of that will penetrate through and glue down your paint.

The easiest way to remove the loose paint is to wet it with a garden sprayer and use a wide scraper attached to a threaded pole. Once the loose paint is removed the ceilings can be primed, patched and then painted.

Anonymous answered.


You most likely have a calcimine ceiling. I assume you are putting up latex ceiling paint. The surface can be easily coated with a product like Ox-o-flow by California Paints. If calcimine coating ceiling paints are not an option, use a wallpaper steamer or hot water and remove. This process is difficult and time consuming. Any water base paint will cause it to fail. If you do not get it all off sand and recoat with an oil base flat.