Choosing color for bathroom ceiling paint.

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Susan asked 10 years ago

In a small bathroom, can I paint the ceiling the same color as the walls? When does that look good – when should you not consider anything but white ceilings? Is that a new look?

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evelien answered.

Hi Susan,

What color are the walls?

In general, it's nice to have some lighter colors on the ceiling. Light blue is also nice.
You can also add white to the color you have. Or create an offwhite by adding some color to the white.

There are no rules but your taste! Still, our head needs some air and space, as it's often full enough already.

Good luck, evelien

Anonymous answered.

White ceilings not only add height to a room but also give a sense of cleanliness. The crisp white ceiling in a bathroom is somewhat standard. You may try adding popcorn paint to the bathroom for a more elegant look.

Anonymous answered.

Yes, you can do as best. Very pale, cool colors give a spa-like quality to bathrooms, which is very popular right now. Try a pale green or blue. Make everything very soft and it will blend perfectly with the white shades of tile.

Anonymous answered.

I just painted a small bathroom with three walls chocolate brown and the ceiling and accent wall(behind commode and sink) pale aqua. Looks great!