Deck and trim color?

Jackie asked 10 years ago

I have a 30 year old colonial (barn style) home with a faded blue siding (light blue or grey color now). We have a new traditional singled roof which is a grey blend, I would like to paint my decks and railing and possibly add shutters, to give it a more up to date look, what color would you suggest for decks, railing, shutters and doors? Thanks

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

I would recommend a darker grey than the roof. This would pick up the grey in the roof and nicely compliment the faded blue siding. Grey is a nice neutral and to the eye would seem light during the cold-weather months and dark during the warm-weather months.

Anonymous answered.

I'd go with a snow white color with everything but the shutters. It's not overly exciting but it goes with everything and will stand out and will show off the other colors more. As for the shutters, I'd paint them a bright red. It'll go well with the other colors without taking anything away from them.