Dry Patches

Claire Davlin asked 9 years ago

Walls looks like they have dry patches. We have primed the walls and ceiling and at that point they looked good. Then put on ceiling paint now it looks like dry patch were the paint didn’t soak in even, went over it again no good.
Need help please

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

The "dry patches" look like areas that have drywall mud, areas where there are seems and screws. Another possibility is dry rolling and the paint you are using. Either way you might need to mix some drywall mud with acrylic primer and add a roller stipple (very light texture) to help blend everything together. Of course this would require repainting.

What primer and what paint did you use? I assume the sheen is flat. Some flat paints have to be applied thickly and use good back-rolling techniques or they will show a flashing effect, roller stipple going is opposite directions. To minimize this you can add Flotrol paint conditioner to your ceiling paint.