Exterior paint problem latex was put over oil.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Latex Paint Over Oil Based PaintExterior paint problem latex was put over oil.
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

We purchased a wonderfully white painted cinder block building, only later to find the paint begin peeling. They had put a coat of latex over the old oil paint. Should I power wash off all of the latex or is there a different way? I assume it is best after getting the latex plaint off to paint with oil?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Power washing is the best way to remove the loose coat of paint. Not all will come off but I suspect most will. After preping the cinder block all you need to do is prime with a good oil based primer and repaint with a good acrylic paint. Priming was the missed step that led to the failure you are experiencing.

* Using a power washer isn't easy. Be careful if you decide to do it yourself.

* If you don't already own a power washer you can rent one. Only buy if you think you will need it for other chores.

* Check with your local paint store for a good exterior primer. You could also use a good acrylic primer, like Zinsser 123, but an oil base will stick for sure.

* Go to a real paint store for your primer and paint, not a hardware store.