Flat over semi gloss?

Rachel asked 9 years ago

If flat finish paint is used over semigloss, will it stay or will it run and peal off? I have semi gloss in my living room and every time the couch touches the wall the paint sticks to it. The paint has been dry/on the wall for two years. So I would like to re-paint but want to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

1 Answers
evelien answered.

That's funny! Does the paint smear of, or does it peel off?

You can paint flat over semigloss, but only if the semigloss is stuck firmly itself – which isn't the case, if I understood you correctly. It's probably better to take it off by abrasing, or even chemical paint remover. After that, your new paint coat will hold properly.

Good luck with your painting job, Evelien