House Out-Side

Barao asked 10 years ago

I painted the house with oil primer on Wednesday, Thursday I did first coat with finish paint then Friday I did the second coat with sprayer. One side the house is only one coat and the garage is one coat with roller. Now its spotting everywhere you see. Saturday was good and Sunday was rains. I don’t understand why?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Without seeing a photo of the spotting it is difficult to give a good answer, but separation of the colorant or binder can occur when uncured paint gets wet. The effect can range from small dull spots all over a side to darker spots. Rain is a perfect example of this and I have had it happen to me.

One way to fix it, believe it or not, is to wet the entire surface with a garden hose then let it dry. If this doesn't work then another coat of paint is needed.