How do I keep my living room warm with gray & blue furniture?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Paint Color QuestionsHow do I keep my living room warm with gray & blue furniture?
Rose asked 10 years ago

I have a dark gray couch and a blueish gray / ice blue chair in my living room along with maple wood/aluminum-silver modern furniture. I’d like my living room to be “warm” but don’t want to get too color crazy. It is a smaller living room with a lot of natural light. What color should I paint the walls?

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Craig answered.

To keep they modern style try a warm taupe with a gray or blue color hue. Since you have a lot of natural light darker shades could be used. Try bringing in a hint of color with throw pillows, art and rugs to make the room less cold and more warm.

michelleromero answered.

How about some red as your wall color? That would definitely heat up the room. If not red, go for orange a bit so you bring in the proper warmth that your room requires.

Anonymous answered.

I have a beige couch and a dark green chair. I have a light (cream in my coffee) color and a dark (chocolate turtle) color which one should I use for my wall and which one for the trim?

Crowder Painting answered.

You could go either way with these colors depending on the look your after. The lighter color on the walls will lighten the room while the dark color can make things feel like a cave. If this is a media room (theater room) then the dark color will be best. I would use the light color for the walls, the dark color for the trim and maybe an accent wall.