How do you cover a black painted interior wall?

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Mary asked 10 years ago

My son is moving into a house previously owned by Goths. The interior walls and woodwork have been beautifully painted in black. What is the best way to proceed so that I can help him give his daughter a pink bedroom, and return the other rooms to a more acceptable color?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Identify the type of black paint that was used. If it is oil based then prime with an oil base primer. Kilz oil base works good.

Then, use a top quality flat paint for the first coat, mixed to the color you want. For white, have the paint store put a little extra titanium white in the paint for better coverage. Some manufactures call this "High Hide White". You can also have a little lamp black added to a white base. This is called "Knock Down White" and will cover better than a pure white paint.

Using a flat first coat will cover the black better than a satin or semi-gloss. After the flat dries you can paint with any sheen you desire and have better coverage.