Interior paint bubbling.

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

Latex paint applied to bathroom walls bubbled upon application of 2nd coat. First coat was allowed to dry for 14 hours. Bubbles seem to disappear after about 2 hours. Also plastering was in process in room below bathroom. Now that bubbles seem to have disappeared (perhaps shrinkage). What action should I take? – Did not match any documents.

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Anonymous Staff answered 7 years ago

It is a mystery. Normally, if there is going to be a problem it is with the first coat. At his point as long as there isn't additional problems, like more bubbles, I don't think there is anything to worry about.

M.A.C. Painting Staff answered 6 years ago

Well this is a issue. Not to contradict my anonymous friend below, but the issue here is that if it bubbled you do not have a bond between the paints. This will cause your paint to peel and blister in the next year probably. However not really much you can do; peel it all off to remove it, put up paneling. Most I can recommend is wait and when or if it starts peeling sand it and float it and paint it again. Sorry about this issue, moisture is most likely to blame for this. High humidity from the plastering might have helped it. Sorry best of luck.

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