Is Kilz Interior Paint Acrylic?

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Tiffany asked 10 years ago

We have recently purchased a house and the entire house needs to be painted. I heard that 100% acrylic paint is your best option for durability. I can’t find any information on Kilz interior paint being acrylic. Does anybody know if Kilz paint is acrylic if so how much? Does anybody prefer Valspar Medallion interior paint over Kilz interior paint?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Yes this paint has acrylic resins and it is water based. So it is an acrylic paint. 100% acrylic paints are very durable, washable, stain and scuff resistant; generally hold up better than their oil base counterparts.

I don't know how much acrylic resin is in their paint but Kilz is a good brand that has been around forever. I have used Valspar products in the past and found them to be good. Unfortunately I can't make a direct comparison, haven't used the Kilz brand paints yet.