My house hasn't been painted in 12 years!

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Honey Hilton asked 9 years ago

My house hasn’t been painted in at least 12 years. We had it power washed but not a lot of paint came off. The paint that is left is pealing and cracked looking all over the house. We tried scraping the paint but it seemed impossible. Do we need to get the house sand blasted? If so is this expensive? Do you have any other suggestions?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Media blasting your house will be expensive and problematic. An alternative is to use a high building bonding primer. XIM Peel Bond is a good bonding primer to use. This type of primer will help to bond the cracked old paint to the surface and also help hide the roughness.

You still need to spend the effort and time to remove the paint that is falling off but this will save time and give you a better look than scraping alone.