Paint Blistering and Bubbling on Ceiling

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Dan asked 10 years ago

I am repainting the living room and the ceiling paint is cracking in some spots. There is also a spot where the paint is bubbling up. I took a scraper and started to scrape off the paint and the paint keeps peeling off as if it isn’t stuck to the plaster.

What would cause the paint to not stick to the plaster? We had a fire back in 2007 and they came in and cleaned prepped and painted the house.

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Crowder Painting answered.

2 possible causes; the fire itself broke down the original paint from excessive heat or the original cleaning left some contaminate that is interfering with the paint.

Either way you will need to remove the loose paint as best as you can, do some patching as needed to hide unsightly areas then prime everything to give a good foundation for the new paint.

This is a real bummer but there is no other around this type of problem. Applying anything on top the old loose paint will just create its own set of problems, the loose paint might come off with a roller.