Paint on clapboards peels every few years

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David Coppola asked 5 years ago

Hi,   We’ve had our house painted professionally twice in the past 8 years or so and each time after about 2 years the paint in one section begins to bubble up and peel off in strips.  Is this wood bad?  What can I do to fix this?  I don’t want to have the house professionally painted again if this is going to continue to happen. Thanks, David 

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MagicDave answered.

What brand of paint was used… use only Sherwin Williams or Behr brands… use an acrylic latex paint… perhaps you have a local water or moisture problem in the area of peeling, or as you said a local rotten substraight problem, requiring replacement… Good Luck

MagicDave answered.

It’s hard to say without seeing it in person, but perhaps you have a leak somewhere that causes moisture to collect locally, and thus causing peeling…