Paint outside of currently stained wooden entry door only?

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

We are remodeling due to tornado damage and have a question about the front entry door. We have Coastal Sage siding, white gutters and windows with black shudders and light red brick at the base and in the entryway of our home. Currently we have a very heavy, wooden stained front door. We want to have a black door to match the shudders, can I paint this door on the outside only? The inside doors are all stained and I thought the inside of the entry door should match them.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Yes, the exterior of the door may be painted. Stop by your local independent paint dealer and get his advise for the primer. You will certainly need a primer before you paint. Prime 1 coat and paint at least 2 coats. Be prepared to apply a third coat of finish as the panels in your door could be difficult to get enough finish on.

Try to remove the weather stripping around the door frame prior to painting. This way you will be able to close the door between coats. Be cautious when doing so as you can rip the gaskets when removing them. Might be time to replace them anyway. Check your local hardware store for replacement weather stripping.