Painting over a red wall?

Adam asked 10 years ago

Hi, I want to paint over this red wall with a light gold or tan. Possible?

2 Answers

Yes it is possible to paint over the red wall. With a bit of work. I would recommend using and oil based primer such as Kilz Interior Oil Primer. I don't recommend using a water based primer as bleed through can still occur.

Apply two coats of the primer. A third may possible be needed but I am confident two will work very well. Where you are planing on going with a shaded color it should paint over very well.

If you have a doubt. Then do a small 12"x12" inch patch that is out of eye view in the room. So you can ensure the red will not show through your work. I hope this helps.

MagicDave answered.

1 coat of Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer properly applied will suffice… then top it with 1 coat of high grade paint… again properly applied, with a "double roll" after about 20 min set-up…