Roller Streaks

Terry Hagell asked 9 years ago

I have prepared interior walls by cleaning with TSP, rinsing, and applying 2 coats of primer. I bought a high quality latex flat paint and applied with a high cost smooth/semi smooth roller.

After three coats I still can’t get rid of roller marks. The paint doesn’t want to spread smoothly on the wall unless extreme force is applied to the roller.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Sound like the roller isn't picking up enough paint. Plus you could condition the paint for better flow and easier rolling. Use Floetrol latex paint additive for water based paint and Penetrol for oil based paints.

When rolling try working a 3x3ft or 4x4ft area. This could get the paint on a bit thicker and give you some time to smooth it out.

Probably just conditioning the paint will solve your problem. Some paints are just very sticky and difficult to use.