Sparkle Wall

Heather asked 8 years ago

I would like to paint my daughters wall with a bold glitter paint. I have researched different options and haven’t been able to find the vibrancy I’m looking for. I tried the added paint “glitter” crystals (valspar) as well as another brand pre made glitter paint. I have yet to find a shade I like. That being said I’m now trying to figure out how to put a glitter of my choosing onto my wall. One person said to simply blow the glitter onto the wall while the paint is still wet. Other suggestions range from mixing glitter with a gallon of elmers glue and rolling that onto a wall, to pouring glitter into a clear interior wall paint. If I choose to go with the later option, does such a clear paint even exist? I am having trouble finding a clear paint that is made for interior walls. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks so much!

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

This is classed as Faux Painting… you should Google for info on this… a clear coat of Urethane Varnish could be used as a base for your glitter… just add it to the can in sufficient amount and test a spot first… Good Luck!