Stripping Poly & Stain off Wood Veneer

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Francesca asked 6 years ago

We ordered a wood veneer countertop to be stained (Minwax Dark Walnut)and poly. It came out awful.

Because the counter was for an “L” shaped desktop, it has 3 pieces (corner & 2 length sides). All 3 pieces don’t match or blend. The company said they had a hard time staining it and put 4 coats of stain on. The corner piece is somewhat dark, but the long lengths are light and don’t match. Then they applied poly, 2 coats.

We hate it. They said they lost money already trying to stain it correctly and they swore they would never stain a wood veneer again. Thus it’s our problem. We want to strip it and start over.

What is the best way to strip the poly and the stain? Do we sand it? Strip it? Go all the way down to base and start again? Try to strip just poly and stain over dark walnut?

Also, any suggestions on how to get a better stain job? I believe they used the Minwax Wood Finish. Should we be using another product. We don’t want a black countertop, but a dark one to accent the cabinets.

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