Texturing over Wallpaper

GG asked 9 years ago

After removing a layer of vinyl wallpaper, I was faced with an “ancient” layer of cheap, thin paper under it that refuses to come off without taking the drywall with it. It has permanently sealed itself to the drywall! Is there a product on the market that I could spread “thickly” OVER this paper to give a plastered or textured affect? I am changing my living room to a Tuscan design so it would play into the theme nicely. Any help you can offer would be appreciated!!

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Give it a coat (or two) of Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… after you lightly sand it with coarse paper (use block sanding)… this method of priming is ABSOLUTELY Required ANYWAY… if you are going to repaint the wall… if you then want to use regular paint, OK… or if you then want to use a texture paint, OK… Good Luck

Anonymous answered.

After priming you could apply a skip trowel texture using drywall mud, easy to do and will hide imperfections. Venetian plaster is another option. Drywall mud is easier and cheaper!