Using a base as paint?

Doug asked 10 years ago

I was in a Walmart looking for a gallon of white paint. Bright white, not an off white color. They were out of stock and I asked about using a light base? It’s very white but I was told I could not use it without tint being added. I ask why and they pointed to the note on the can “do not use without tinting” am I to believe a couple drops of colorant makes that much of a difference?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The base paints have virtually no tint added, white titanium tint. This allows for the addition of tints for custom colors. This makes the bases mostly transparent even light pastel bases.

Yes you could use a light pastel base without tint added but it would take extra coats for coverage. If you are trying to cover a dark color the base paint might never truly cover.

Even a few drops of tint can make a difference.