Wanting a lighter shade of a favorite color

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have a great master bedroom, high ceilings, lots of lighter, all white walls and ceiling. I really want to warm it up with a little color on the walls. Two of my favorite shades are Laura Ashley’s Taupe #4 and #3. The #4 matches perfectly with stuff in the room, but is way darker than I want. The #3 is nice but still too dark.

Can I 1/4 or 1/2 #4? What would be the downside to this? Is 1/2 of the color the same look just lighter. I don’t feel like #3 is just a lighter version of #4, yet complimentary. When you look at paint chips with the varying shades, should you take that as lighter shades (less of the tones in the darker chip) or completely different colors just complimentary? Thank you for any help you may have.

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Anonymous answered.

A lighter shade gives you a dull look at daytime and good look at night time on the other hand a darker look gives dashing look at morning and more dark look at night,so a medium color will suit it look good and dashing at anytime.