Waterproofing a basement

flash asked 6 years ago

I have a 1200 square foot basement, that needs some masonry/foundation/nip and tuck work…after it is done I wish to waterproof it. The basement was painted about 20 years ago, still looks good, it is yellow (no clue what type of paint). The foundation is receding, in 18 feet of area, instead of getting the foundation taken out and replaced, we are going to have it professionally nip/tucked. There is NO dampness. I live in Ohio and even with the thaw of all the snow..the walls are still dry. The house is 43 years old. What is the best product I can use for waterproofing that will work over that paint and the new nip and tuck work. I am going to place the home up for sale, so wish to do it the best way for resale.

I wish to save money and after the brick work is fixed, waterproof it myself. The two bids I have say I have to spend the money to get all the paint off first :(.

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