What color will go with deep desire for my bathroom?

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I am painting my bathroom walls Deep Desire; what color should I paint my sink base that has 3 doors and 4 drawers? I also would like to paint the wicker corner stand. I need to get help on matching the color of my walls. I have not yet painted anything. I have no pictures.

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Anonymous answered.

Deep Desire is a lovely rose color that lends itself well to many different treatments. For instance, if you love an English country house look, use a clean white to paint your sink base and wicker corner stand. For a more modern, edgy style, choose a rich dark gray. Shades of lilac can give your bathroom a soft feminine feel.

Anonymous answered.

If deep derire is the shade that you plan to choose for your bathroom walls, then how about going for Olympic's Crashing Waves. It is a perfect mix and match shade and I am sure would go well for your sink base that has 3 doors and 4 drawers. I believe, even the wicker corner stand should be painted in the same shade to give that perfect look. Even try going for plain yellow or a rust shade or even green.

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