What colour walls suit wooden floors and ceilings?

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Zina asked 10 years ago

I would like to paint my bedroom a different, darker colour instead of the usual white or beige that its been for the past 7 yrs. I was thinking maybe having a feature wall (or painting all walls). The only problem that I have is, I have wooden floors and ceilings and I don’t know what colours to use.

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Anonymous answered.

Slate blue (blue-grey) is a lovely color next to wood. It's calming, but because it's more sophisticated than a bright or sky blue, it works well for an adult space. Warm, buttery yellows are also offset beautifully by all kinds of wood, both light oaks and darker ones. For a more dramatic look, consider a shade of red. It doesn't have to be too bright and bold; a more "mineral" or adobe type red can offer gorgeous color while still being soft, and looks amazing with wood.

Anonymous answered.

A darker color in a wooden themed room can be a challenge. I find a tapioca or sand based color can darken the usual beige coloring without making a room feel small. Remember to use light draperies or accent rugs to brighten the room and bring attention to your new colors! An accent wall in a lighter shade may serve to brighten the room while maintaining your new darker color you'll come to love!