What expectations are reasonable when hiring a contractor?

Questions & AnswersWhat expectations are reasonable when hiring a contractor?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Hired a contractor to repaint dinged/gouged/flaking interior door and window trim. Am I being too picky?

When paying a contractor to repaint window and door trims that are dinged up, gouged and/or flaking, what would be a reasonable expectation for the repair of gouges and dings prior to repainting?

Had some windows and a door frames repainted. Contractor did scrape off chipped paint and filled in nail holes, but the gouges and areas where chipped paint was removed were painted over without any filling in to make surface smoother. The paint job itself is neat but I can still see the dents and gouges.

They are coming back tomorrow to finish. I like this painter, they have done my entire interior and exterior work prior to this. I feel weird about questioning the work, I don’t want to come off as too picky or a perfectionist. Unless my facts are straight and I know what I am talking about…. So is it reasonable to expect the dips and gouges should have been at least somewhat filled in with paint putty or wood filler before painting? To be fair a couple of the dents/gouges are at a corner of a door frame so don’t know if that is something that is easily fixed?

Am I being too picky or should they have used paint putty or a wood filler to at least make it smoother first? aggggh….. the agony. Any advice please? I don’t want to be “that” customer.

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MagicDave answered.

No question… these defects need to be better repaired by spackling, sanding priming and then finish coat… there will still be some evidence of defects but certainly much less than what shows here… demand that it be done… tell them you consulted online with me and I totally recommend it… anything less is an inferior job…

Crowder Painting answered.

Agree, most of these defects are easily fixed with some sandpaper and spackling paste. This shows why it is a good idea to ask a lot of questions during the bidding process. Both the painter and homeowner needs to be on the same page.

Anonymous answered.

Unless it was specified in the agreement, what it sounds like you want is a restoration job.That would cost you much more than a repaint.

Anonymous answered.

I agree, the repair work could have easily been and should have been addressed. Suppose if he were coming back to touch-up damaged wood from a recent paint job as a favor, but if you hired him to specifically fix this damage then yes he should have included the extra step. But it sounds like you have a good relationship with this guy, I would just explain the situation without "demanding" it be done, and maybe leave Magic Dave out of the conversation. No need to feel weird, you're the customer. It sounds like a simple error in communication. -Prestige Paint and Decor