What type of wallpaper was this??

Questions & AnswersCategory: Wallpaper QuestionsWhat type of wallpaper was this??
Kristin asked 3 years ago

We bought a house two years ago (built in 78) and started removing the wallpaper in the family room/kitchen.  A think layer of paper peeled off really easy.  A layer of mesh-like material remained stuck to the wall.  We were able to pull it off in stringy sections.  A heavy layer of glue remained stuck to the wall which we were able to remove using vinegar.  

We’re trying to figure out what type of wallpaper was used?  Any suggestions??  Thanks!

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MagicDave answered.

This type of paper was used frequently back in the 50’s to 80’s and usually was a ‘drop pattern’ design… removing it can be a chore as you indicated… however if you plan on painting that surface you must do the following first: Block Sand using medium grade paper, the whole surface… then dust it off… then prime it with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… then finish coat with a high grade product like Sherwin Williams or Behr… 1 heavy coat… color and sheen of choice…
Good Luck