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Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

A small table has a top that is very worn; part stain and varnish and part original wood. Can I only stain what has worn off?

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crowderpainting Staff answered 6 years ago

It will be hard to get any stain to blend across the table surface without doing some work. It will be best to sand off the existing stain/finish and then apply new stain and finish. With that said you could do a light sanding and then rub a matching stain across the table top and see what it does. If it doesn't work then simply do a refinish of the table top.

Anonymous Staff answered 6 years ago

You can try to touch up bare spots with a medium fine brush, try to draw in grain strokes, pat them and with a light touch wipe and try to blend. If you can use spray gun on low setting to shade area lightly tap on touch up again and wipe lightly.

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